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Angelina Sinclair
United States
I'm a writer mostly, though I do love taking photos and seem to have a knack for it. (I think) So here I am! I'm planning to try and learn how to draw one of these days.

In SL I'm known as Angelina Sinclair.


30k page views! Holy cow when that happened? DA you should tell me these things be like "here's a llama, good job slut."

Ok maybe not in those exact words but it'll feel personalized if it was.
12,000 Deviations left to look over! I definitely followed way too many artists and groups. lol

Side note, did posted a few things here and there. I think I'll be posting some Redlove pics in a few new outfits of hers I put together. Still think CrazyOne's drawing I commission is the ideal outfit but haven't found that in SL yet.

Also I need to post her character sheet. The real one and probably delete the hayao one I got up. It is old and dated. Finally figured out how to make her powers work right. Trust me this is hard because I picked a hard power to play with and make entertaining aka empath. Though I did figure something out only thing now is how to write the character sheet up.

See I'm still developing on the side a big story and world for Redlove. It'll have a ton of races, places, people and so on. Full world development and I like to have everything developed first before I write any of it down. Just how I am but in that verse, she's a mix of two races hence her powers.

But I'd also want to fit her into any marvel/dc fan fic and the race thing is an issue. You can see now why things are confusing for me because I don't mind if other people wish to have Redlove cross over into their story but I gotta have it easy to integrate.

I'll figure something out and post soon!

(don't mind my mindless ramblings)
Forbidden Truths
Once upon a time,

There was a little rogue, a thief, a trouble maker. Life was tough for the poor girl but she found her way in life using her street smarts and looks to get her way. Still it wasn't enough for her and she wanted to move up in the world and the best way she saw was magic. Sure she could've tried marriage but that was dull! Yet a mage can do so much more; have great adventures and go on amazing quests. So this would be it, her path, her dream. Steal one last time and learn magic then live a normal and happy life.

So that night she broken into the wizard's guild, snuck around until she found their library with books of spells. Inside she found one book that caught her interest, the pretty designs did it. Simple girl indeed. She opened it up and began readings. Little did she know of the forbidden truths that awaited her.

((No more photos to this series, sadly. I just got a little inspired with my outfit and found a place to take a pic. Then it further inspired me to write the story. It is a nice beginning! Maybe I'll find someone to play out the rest. That or get some good props to use to play it out myself. What do you think happens next!? Tell below! ))
Redlove vs Dawn-6
Dawn brings Red back to her place to have a bit of fun.

She also stripped Red of her bodysuit and added a harness with some fun bits to encourage the ninja to uh.. particpate.

The scene ends on a friendlier note of Dawn getting affected for Red and hoping to run into her next time for some fun.

Red herself is on the fence but her empathy powers always gives her mixed feelings about such things.

Anyway. I am a little disappointed in myself for this photoset while the RP was wonderful I didn't take as many photos or angles as I normally do. So I apologize for that. Next time I'll do better.

This RP was done in Nov 2016. So yea it has just been sitting there in my stash. (like so much more...)

Previous: Redlove vs Dawn-5
First: Redlove vs Dawn-1
Redlove vs Dawn-4
Despite the eyes being opened Redlove is at the moment knocked out. Dawn has decided to take the heroine as a prize along with the data she secured from the servers. The data is for her client, the captive is for her! :gasp:

And like a true blue villain she uses a white van to kidnap the heroine!

Previous: Redlove vs Dawn-3
Next: Redlove vs Dawn-5
Redlove vs Dawn-3
Sadly I didn't take any photos of the binding process and how we end up here.

Dawn's future tech provided a sorta nano latex which she used to create the armbinder and gag that is keeping Redlove secured. The nano latex is controlled by her and has no seams, or locks and fits rather snug and tight. Yea... poor Red isn't getting out of that any time soon!

Previous: Redlove vs Dawn-2
Next: Redlove vs Dawn-4
Redlove vs Dawn-2
Sadly most of the fighting was done via RP. Someone really needs to make some kind of slow pace combat hud so I can have better poses and animation in the pics. :skeptical:
The battle went pretty good! The two were pretty even and Red's magical abilities and attacks help counter balance the augmented ninja's tech. They kept countering each other almost perfectly and funny enough this wasn't intentional. It just played out that way.

The final moment of the battle was when the two unleash an explosive attack at each other and well given the small room and the power of the blasts knocked both off their feet. Dawn crashed into the servers, Redlove crashed through some tables, chairs and file cabinets that are off camera. Not pretty!

In the end Dawn won the battle because of her tech giving her a lot more durability and while Red does have a healing factor, she was too stunned from the blast to really continue the fight, allowing Dawn to secure the poor ninja.

Previous: Redlove vs Dawn-1
Next: Redlove vs Dawn-3
Redlove vs Dawn-1
Tech ninja vs Magic ninja! Ninja glomp 

This fight happened during one of the few events we've done so far with City of Damsels (CoD). In this iteration of Redlove she's the one with the magical powers. Trained by her uncle and later by the Slayers of Darkness (SoD) a monster hunting faction that also taught her how to haunt monsters, woot! She also got training from their cover-up company Enigma Security Protection (ESP) which is an international armed security company. This helps the monster slayers roam about. Anyway....

Dawn's story is she was trained by Ra's al Ghul and was agumented with future tech.... yup. I don't remember anymore. Damn I suck. I'll have to poke her for more details later.

The story here is that another villain group calling themselves LOVE (League of Villainous Evil) has decided to attack the science lab to steal some tech. They also spread the word to encourage other villains to join the attack. LOVE members are off screen on the roof fighting where as Redlove and Dawn met inside. Redlove arrived at the scene due to the fact she is a manager for ESP (the security company). Yes she went in full ninja gear. Most members of ESP know that the company is a cover up for SoD. Redlove arrived dawning her monster hunting gear.

While Redlove tried to get the security teams organized and coordinated Dawn popped into the security control and disrupted everything force Redlove and her to fight! Ninja fightscene

Next: Redlove vs Dawn-2
So been watching Salem on netflix. It is a show about the Salem Witch trials. Not a documentary so there's a lot of room for fiction.
This show is dark and gives me chills! I know I'm a light weight with horror, shh. No real good guy in the show either. It just all about witches but damn I appreciate the creativity of some spells. They really nail that evil witch, bride of satan witch stuff.


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